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Soft and soothing.

A velvety-soft sensation for your eyes, our chlorine and PVC-free eye mask can be used to stimulate circulation and reduce pain and puffiness. Warm or cold, either way, it will leave you feeling your best. To cool, chill the mask in the fridge. To warm, soak for 5-10 minutes in hot water tolerable to your skin, then dry.

  • Store in refrigerator or freezer for cold therapy.
  • Reusable, allowing you more than one spa day.
  • Reduces under-eye bags.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, eliminates dark circles and reduces under-eye bags, calms and soothes acne, and constricts skin pores. Wearing the mask for just 10 minutes boosts blood circulation to your face and makes your skin radiant.

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Brand Urban Spa
Health Information Skin Care
Product Type Personal Care
Feature Canadian Company
Product Flags Canadian Company, Natural
Size 1 unit
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