Eco Tools

A leader and award winner in eco-friendly beauty products, EcoTools offers affordable, natural cosmetic and bath products that help everyday women feel beautiful inside and out. From the incredibly soft cosmetic brushes, to the high quality bath accessories, EcoTools makes it easier than ever to look gorgeous while giving back. It’s no wonder this brand is a top pick amongst beauty editors and celebrities!

EcoTools products are cruelty free and vegan, made from recycled materials, packaged in tree free paper, and made with recycled bamboo to create their handles. Using sustainable resources minimizes the negative impact on the environment, bringing innovative style to the beauty market. The bamboo used by EcoTools to make the products’ handles is a renewable resource and one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. Taklon, a smooth and soft fibre, is used to make the bristles of their well-known cosmetic brushes, while recycled aluminum is used to make the metal ferrules. You can find their products packaged in eco-friendly material using sustainable ingredients and plant based ink.

Not only is EcoTools creating a more beautiful and green world with their innovative products, but they go one step further in collaborating with The Girl Project, a national non-profit initiative to support global efforts to send girls to school around the globe. Through this initiative, girls everywhere are gaining school supplies, mentorship, education and scholarships. In a continued effort to give back, 1% of EcoTools annual sales is donated to 1% For The Planet, which is an organization that links businesses, individuals, and nonprofits to help create partnerships that protect the planet.

Make yourself look and feel your best by choosing the thoughtful EcoTools collection to preserve not just your own beauty, but the beauty of the environment. There’s nothing better than finding top-quality, eco-conscious products at an affordable price!

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