Brita systems are BPA-free and help reduce our dependance on plastic water bottles. The replaceable cartridges are recyclable through or Just complete their form to receive a prepaid envelope and then send them the used cartridges.

Transform your ordinary tap water into great tasting, clean, refreshing water with Brita! The Brita home water filtration system is world renowned for its ability to improve the quality and taste of your water by eliminating up to 99% of the impurities and contamination, along with a reduction of mercury, copper and benzene. The units come in convenient, efficient shapes and sizes so that you can easily fit it in your refrigerator, bring it on-the-go, or have it easily accessible at work or at school. Remember that every time you’re drinking a glass of crisp Brita water, you’re giving your body the water that it truly deserves and needs to thrive!

Brita pitcher systems have the power to transform ordinary tap water into great tasting refreshment. When you add a Brita Water Filtration System to your daily routine, you feel confident that the water you drink is filtered, cleaner, and tastes just the way you like it. The efficient shape maximizes refrigerator space and the flip-top helps with easy refilling. Perfect for personal use at home or work.

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