Natural Support for Auto Immune Conditions

Natural Support for Auto Immune Conditions

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Auto Immune Conditions: Nutritional Support, a Natural Choice

Auto-immune conditions are a varied class of health conditions, all characterized by an atypical immune system response where the target of the reaction is the body’s own tissues, and not foreign bodies or pathogens. Many people have heard of this before, and perhaps you even know someone in your life who experiences an auto immune condition, but are you aware of the ways in which dietary choices and your nutritional status can greatly impact the presentation, and outcome of these conditions?

Although these conditions vary in their presentation, - as you can clearly see from the diverse lineup of Allergies, Asthma, Type 1 Diabetes, Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease and most thyroid disorders - just some of the more well-known auto-immune conditions; each is characterized by a disordered and misguided immune response targeting different body systems and tissues, and each one can be uniquely supported with mindful food choices and tailored, optimal nutrition which I have outlined here for you.

Support vs. Stimulation: Nutrients and Herbal Remedies for Immune System Health

This is a very important distinction, and too often overlooked when recommendations are made by others, or when we go selecting a seemingly well-known, healthful natural health product, supplement or functional food for our own perceived health benefit. Those with auto-immune conditions have a disrupted, overactive immune system and should be cautious – and in most cases avoid – the use of supplemental immune stimulators.

Instead, those living with auto immune conditions should focus on immune supporters to restore balance and avoid initiating an even stronger, more misguided-immune response. Immune health is complex and deserves a full assessment, a commitment to your wellness, and perhaps a longer article too! For these reasons, I have outlined some common but important “immune supporters” and “immune stimulators” for awareness, - and maybe action - should you already find yourself deep in one of these “health” habits. Important to note here, is that both lists include healthy foods, nutrients and remedies. Those who do not have auto-immune conditions can enjoy the benefits of both, and those with auto-immune conditions can still enjoy the benefits of these “stimulators” through occasional food-use, and not regular supplementation with standardized extracts or other potent supplement-forms:

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Andrew Gregg

Written by Andrew Gregg, BHSc., RHN

Andrew is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Director of Clinical Research at dicentra. Andrew’s practice as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist focuses on his special interests in health through optimal nutrition, traditional diets and food combining, digestive health & probiotics, mental wellness, disease prevention and management.

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