Jass' Immune Tips

Jass' Immune Tips

Jass' Immune Tips

5 Easy Wellness Tips for Cold + Flu Season

Now that we have autumn in full swing, it’s time to give our immune system a boost! As we navigate the current world situation and our annual cold + flu season, it's important to take some time to really get specific with what your body needs in order to support it through these times. I wanted to take some time to outline a few of my musts during this season to keep your immunity strong as we get closer and closer to the Holiday season.

Reduce Stress

First off, this one does not require food or supplementation (unless needed), but I am going to suggest we work on reducing your stress levels! We want to be extra cautious of this during these months as stress creates an acidic environment in the body. This acidic environment puts our immunity at a low place, which makes it so much easier to catch a cold or flu. I really recommend reducing your coffee intake if you are struggling with stress at the moment as coffee promotes cortisol - our stress hormone. Try something like a green tea or matcha instead. I love Kato Matcha. Matcha is filled with incredible antioxidants to boost immunity and reduce stress so it’s really an all in one!

Try matcha

Vitamin C

As obvious as this is, it’s important to increase Vitamin C rich foods but make sure you aren’t cooking Vitamin C rich foods all of the time! Vitamin C is extremely unstable, meaning it actually gets denatured whenever it is heated or frozen. This means, we want to ensure we are having foods like red peppers, oranges, and lemons raw. I love adding lemon to my room temperature water or having peppers as a snack. Keep in mind that at this time of the year, supplementing with Vitamin C is best. I recommend 2000-4000 mg of Vitamin C each day. Just make sure to space it out as it can cause loose stools.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also an incredibly important vitamin to be taking throughout this time of the year. I recommend having it consistently through October until June to ensure your vitamin D levels are on par. Vitamin D helps to promote better mood (great for SAD) and boost our immune system. 


A daily probiotic may be something you want to look into if you are susceptible to getting colds during this time of the year. Otherwise, I would recommend having 1 tablespoon of kimchi each day to ensure you are getting that good bacteria into the body!

“Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis


Have you tried propolis before? This is truly one of my favourites for keeping the immune system healthy! Propolis is an incredibly high antioxidant made from tree resin and plants. Propolis is extremely germ-fighting and acts as an antimicrobial - aka the best thing you could have in your bag when you fly, go to a workout class, drop the kids off at school… basically anything! My tried and true brand is BeeKeepers Naturals, just 1-2 sprays per day will do the trick!

I hope you enjoyed learning about these protective tips to help you fight against another cold and flu season. Let me know which one you will try first!


Written by Jass Stupak, CNP

Jass Stupak is a Holistic Nutritionist from Vancouver, BC. Jass is the owner and founder of Nourish with Jass, her private practice, where she specializes in gut health and candidiasis for women.


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