4 Easy steps to celebrate Earth day, every day

4 Easy steps to celebrate Earth day, every day

4 Easy steps to celebrate Earth day

Earth day 2022 is April 22, but this whole month of April is Earth month. At Vitarock, we have always made it our mission to choose brands that impact the environment in a positive way, who care about reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our planet. This month, we want to take the time to reflect on our home and how we’re treating it - through our own actions, or through the companies we support. There is always something more you can do to take care of our lovely planet, and it often does not take much effort at all!

4 steps to creating earth-friendly and sustainable habits

Give your car a break

Rethink your daily errands - is it possible to walk instead of driving? Now that it’s getting warmer, perhaps you can think of walking your children to school, walking to your favourite restaurant for your favourite meal, or even walking to work (if you’re back in person)! This certainly depends on where you live, but anytime you’re able to skip using the car, you’ll be saving our earth from more methane emissions. Every effort counts! An easier alternative may be taking the bus or carpooling, if that’s in your capabilities.

Give your car a break

Plant something new

Having green plants in your house not only adds more oxygen and fresh air for you to breathe in, they also teach us of the care and time that goes into producing food, so we should not take it for granted. When you plant your own vegetables or fruits, you are less likely to have food waste, and you tend to choose in-season produce rather than produce that needs to travel hundreds of kilometres before it reaches you. If growing vegetables and fruits aren’t your thing, growing herbs are the next best thing. You can buy them already potted, and they can be grown indoors even during winter. It is extremely rewarding growing and harvesting your own food, so why not give it a try?

Growing herbs

Bring a reusable bag to the store

One of the biggest uses of single-use plastic is from stores that still offer bags to customers. While it’s great in an emergency, if we use plastic bags every time we shop, that will add up very fast! Most people don’t think about the produce bags, but oftentimes even those are plastic. To reduce single-use waste, invest in foldable bags that can be kept in your purse and in your car. The trick to remembering your reusable bags is to always pack two, and to keep them in multiple areas so you’re fully prepared!

Research brands who care about the earth

There are many amazing brands that make it their mission to take steps to be environmentally responsible in their business. You can do this by going to your favourite brand’s website, and reading their “about me” or “mission” page. If the brand uses practices to support renewable energy, neutralizes their carbon footprint, or uses sustainable materials, they’ll show it off on their page. And if you find that searching up every brand is too tedious - hey, that is exactly what Vitarock is here for! We are an online wellness marketplace that prescreens each product for safe, pure and environment-friendly products. We do all the research so you don’t have to!

Research brands who care about the earth

Making Earth our home

Earth month is a special month for us here at Vitarock and it’s the best time to set some sustainable and earth-friendly habits. Start with one or two, and soon enough, we’ll all be on the same mission to protect Earth and her resources.

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